Cryptocurrencies in Affiliate Program

Cryptocurrencies in Affiliate Program

There are numerous crypto affiliates programs out there that people are not aware of. These give you the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies directly, mostly in the form of Bitcoins (BTC). You may even focus more on the service that you are into already. Affiliate programs also give you the opportunity to focus on a field that you are passionate about and earn money while doing so.

Technology has empowered everyone to share with the world on what they’re passionate about, with just a touch on a smart device. The continuous flow of information has bred the perfect catalyst for growth and high demand for great online content. By participating in affiliate programs, you could earn active income from the comfort of your home if you have contents on the web which could attract visitors.

If you want to increase your cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), buying more or continuous trading are the most common and best options. However, these are not the only ways to go. These affiliate programs are all over the internet, and they allow you target a wide audience.

Some individuals choose to share their links through social media or similar options, while others work on having their own website or blog and promoting the program that way. Whichever technique you want to use, the income potential is noteworthy. And, if you have interest in electronic currencies, why not?

But be aware you need to choose a program. Some of the programs are powerful, and they offer decent products or services, alongside with reasonable compensation rates. Others are less appealing and may have many challenges.

Knowing more about Crypto Affiliate programs.

As cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) are relatively a top market, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) companies pour more funds into this medium by offering digital currency (Bitcoin) affiliate programs to the public. Affiliate marketing program could take place in different forms.

The most popular approaches are content writing in blogs, posting on social media networks such as Tweeter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Telegram and the publishing of advertisements on different website platforms and forum etc.

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) affiliate marketing programs reward the media marketers with fiat currency or Altcoins for every successfully completed transaction made by visitors on the crypto website or trading platform.

How to start with coin affiliate marketing programs?

An affiliate program is also commonly known as the referral program, and here is how simple it is to begin on an affiliate program:

  1. Sign up for an account on the source website.
  2. You will be given a special referral link that would direct visitors to their website.
  3. You post the URL on your own website/blog, Twitter page, Facebook page, or a forum signature
  4. When visitors click on your referral link, register for an account or completes a certain set of requirements, you will receive a commission for it.
  5. Get as many visitors as you can to click on your referral link by exhibiting creativity and consistency in your marketing approaches.

Many people have been pouring out their resources and earning Bitcoins since 2010. The more people that click your referral link, the higher the chance that you will make some cool cash. Which means having a whole shitload of internet traffic is the key feature of making serious money with affiliate marketing programs.

When you belong to any cryptocurrency affiliate program possibly bitcoin, you will be given the ability and opportunity to generate a one time or lifetime passive income for each person you directly send to their website for registration or trading.

In addition to exchanging these cryptocurrencies, many crypto companies offer affiliate-networking programs to their traders for making additional money.

The sites are paying you for digital marketing referrals and you make cool cash by sending customers to them. It is a win-win for everyone. Not only does referrals bring traffic to their website but also provides income to grow their company and brand.

Once your referrals go to the websites to sign-up or invest, you will earn money. Every company has a different referral program so below are the lists of the best digital currency (Bitcoin) affiliate programs:

This affiliate program allows participants to buy cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) with eleven distinct currencies. They also offer a referral affiliate program with two different commission. You will be given 30% commission out of your referrals for every transaction they make. Your referral link will generate a lifetime commission from every visitor you deliver to their website.

The other part to this is that the company promises an additional 30% from all the referrals your referral directs to the site. 247Echange pays all referral incentives every month. The only dissatisfaction with this affiliate program is that the minimum payment you can receive with 247Exchange is $1.

Paxful is a peer-to-peer market where you can trade Bitcoin. It is very similar to LocalBitcoins but Paxful`s affiliate program offers a good commission. Paxful offers a 2% commission on every sale. This means that if you refer a person to website and they purchase a fraction of Bitcoin worth $100 – you will receive $2. That is $110 per Bitcoin at a $5,500 Bitcoin price. It is a better offer for this type of service and it could convert great with Bitcoin-related users.

There’re no restrictions whatsoever or minimal referrals with this bitcoin affiliate. Similarly to providing referral links, web banners, widgets, and buttons, also offer a Kiosk link and that allows you to share with everyone fascinated to purchase bitcoin. Your bitcoin referral payments move instantly into your Paxful wallet.

The more referrals you send to them (Paxful), the better your opportunities of gaining entries in this bonus program. The only limitation to this company is they only pay the 2% referral commission for a year from your referrals first trade on their platform.

What makes this affiliate program so famous is that your referral (visitor) will also receive $10. You could both expect the payment within four business days after the buy/sell. Even if your referral does not register immediately they visit the site, they still have ninety days from that to come back and sign-up from the same computer.

Coinbase is a secure online trading platform that not only do they facilitates the buying and selling of digital asset but also transfer and store cryptocurrencies. Coinbase works just like the popular Bitfinance. Coinbase is one of the best bitcoin processing services on the market. Coinbase gives $10 for each visitor you refer that purchase or sells at least $100 or more within 180 days of registration.

The referral does not have to buy or sell the entire $100 at once. As long as this amount is exchanged before getting to 180 days after registration, you will both get your referral incentives. This affiliate program is also planning to add more crypto coins to their platform in the nearest future, ensuring that even more users will join their website.

Moreover, due to increase in transaction volume, there may be a little delay in processing wire transfers with them at this time. This could also cause a delay in receiving payment if your referral uses wire transfer for payments.


Bitbond is a BTC affiliate program that could gift you for bringing both borrowers and lenders to their web portal. You could get hold of up to 50% as the commission from this referral as well. Bitbond gives 20% of the initial fee as your gift for all borrower you convey to their global community. You’ll also receive an extra 30% commission on each lender you deliver using your affiliate link.

You will also receive some commissions for two years from the date of your referrals registration. Even if the referral doesn’t sign-up instantly, they have three months to register once they have visited the website using your referral link. Once your referral has made and completed a transaction, your referral payment is processed instantly. While this is a high commission rate, Bitbond will only pay for loan transactions that have been completed.

Coinmama is an exchange that permits users to purchase both bitcoin and Ethereum on their platform. This company rewards you with 15% commission on all of your referrals buying from their website using your personal referral link, including lifetime future purchases.

The company promises no limitations to the referral commissions you could possibly earn by joining their affiliate network. In addition to your non-public referral link, they usually offer banners for you to use on your blog or website. The payout from this web portal happens monthly, and it is towards the end of each month but, you must have three successful completed orders made by at least three users to get a payout from Coinmama.

Coinigy is one of the famous trading platforms on the internet. This company allows members to trade on over 45 platforms from one place making it one of the most common exchanges used worldwide. Coinigy gives $15 for each referral you send to their website and they have to subscribe to use their platforms. While this may be a one-time commission, Coinigy is one of the top rewarding and trusted exchanges on the internet.

This affiliate pays out on the 15th of every month so that you have a lump sum payment. They also have a referral dashboard that enables you to track your referrals. In order to use this affiliate program, they do require that all members have a BTC address to receive payments for referrals.

EXMO is a crypto exchange platform that pays out a commission of 25% of every single transaction that your referrals make. There are no limitations to your commissions with the affiliate; they payout this commission for every transaction your affiliate makes in their lifetime. EXMO gives a referral link as well as a website banner for sharing on your website or blog.

They even let you add your referral link on your signature at the EXMO online community so that every person landing on these pages might likely view and use your referral whilst signing-up. You may also use their web portal to keep the record of your referrals and move funds into your wallet at any point in time.

Virwox is a virtual world exchange where people could buy Cryptocurrency BTC with SLL (the currency used in the game Second Life). The affiliate program gives out 20% of the commission that Virwox receives from the people you refer. You will get paid a commission for the life of that particular user that registered with through your affiliate link, which is very cool. Virwox pays out every month.



Promoting a product that has become not only a stock but a currency is a sure income. Becoming a bitcoin affiliate is a guaranteed way to generate additional earnings by revenue sharing with these companies, most of which have lifetime commissions. The more traffic you could bring to these sites, the more income you will make. One of the issues with crypto-affiliate sites as well as with any other affiliate sites may be scaling and reaching larger audiences.

Social media networking channels are good traffic sources for crypto marketing. However, companies that are looking for crypto visitors have just lost one of their primary sources: FaceBook has formally raced a ban on all advertisements promoting ICOs, cryptocurrencies, or binary options. As for the Twitter page, it isn’t the most famous traffic generating source for affiliates. Traffic for crypto (Bitcoin) offers usually comes from notable publishers, social media channels, and the search engines that dominate the digital advertising market.

At the same time, in light of recent policy changes Facebook has implemented, it might be useful to think outside the box. Indeed, you can try few of the other unconventional approaches, especially when it comes to traffic generating. PropellerAds has an entire toolkit of diverse advertisement formats and approved methods that could simplify the entire process of finding crypto traffic.

Even if you’re playing with the top cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), you should be aware that cryptocurrency advertising has to deal with two facts: Both the “unpredictability” and the “extremely volatile nature” of crypto markets. There are so many challenges and even more opportunities as cryptocurrency values changes and shape the landscape and the future of cryptocurrency.

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