Develop Yourself

Develop Yourself

In Nigeria, I must agree, we celebrate certificates than competencies but In recent times, the game of labor seems to be experiencing a drastic change. This change is not only evident in Africa, it is now apparent on a global construct, results, values, and capabilities are now more appreciated. You must develop yourself.

I can be refuted, companies that are distracted by degrees and certificates are strategically deficient, I am not here to argue organizational policies and which degree or certificate is best. I am here to let you know that the market is crowded, and you need to be separated from the multitude.

Beyond degrees, certificates, sending CV’s and your polished grammar, your being separated depends solely on the frictions you can fix. And the frictions you can fix is a measure of the capabilities you have accumulated. Graduates, entrepreneurs, business owners and artisans, you need to adjust.

Just as Sunday Anani noted on Facebook today, “Certificates don’t confirm your competence. Your results on the job do. Skills drive results.” I read further in the comments section, and Wale Olusi shared a brilliant insight and that caught my attention: “In my profession, the CFA is the most revered certification, if you go ahead and bag one and show up at work clueless, you’ll be humiliated out of the job. Thankfully, the process is so rigorous. Most people don’t get to complete it after failing severally. But if you demonstrate knowledge, depth, and outstanding technical competence with just a Bsc, you’ll be celebrated!!!.” Even at the upstream, you must prove yourself having bagged the most revered certificate. You will only be tolerated for a short while if you have no result to show for it.
I have left roadsides cobblers for the ones with shops but just to be disappointed by their outputs and deliveries. Believe me, this is not taught in school. You must adjust.

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