Why do we find ourselves in situations where we are not interested in doing anything? When this happens, do we bother to know why? How do we exit the room of laziness where the air that fills the room calls for excess sleep, idleness, or just lounging?

I particularly like the definition of laziness as given by Wikipedia. It defines laziness as the ‘disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to act or exert oneself’. It is also defined as ‘the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy.’

The interesting part of the definitions above are the phrases ‘despite having the ability to act or exert oneself’ and ‘being unwilling to work or use energy.’ These phrases establish that laziness is not an illness or infection. It is a decision; albeit a sometimes an unconscious decision. It is a decision to be unwilling to do a thing despite having the ability to act.

Laziness is not a decision many make with joy. In fact, the decision could be made without one knowing it. The decision-maker just realises that he lacks result despite that he wishes to come out of the laxity.

There are several causes of laziness. At the root of them is a sustained and severe lack of motivation to act. At the foundation of virtually all we do is motivation. If there is no motivation to rise from the bed, you could wake but remain in bed all day despite being hungry. After all, nothing motivates you. Among others, lack of concrete results after making some efforts on a task, low self-confidence or low self-esteem, setbacks, etc., all contribute to laziness.

How do you come out of laziness? Knowing what laziness could do to you is a motivation to seek an exit. Proverbs 4:10 says, “He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand …” The lazy man will be poor in results/outputs, coordination, remarkable achievements, career progress, spiritual growth, academic/professional progress, social standing, etc.

To come out of laziness, you may have to be ruthless in rescuing yourself. Because it is easy to give up than to hold on, you have to beat the instance of relapsing after making a little effort.

In addition, you need to be dissatisfied with your current state. This dissatisfaction should not make you go deeper in misery of what laziness has brought you but it should pull you out of your state.

Secondly, you need to be committed to taking actions and not wishes seriously. You need to be ready to act on what is needful and not what is wishful to you. Your wishes are part of the reasons you’re where you are. You need to cut down on feeding them.

Knowing what is a needful and when to do it is a challenge for some. You need to be the ‘now’ person who does what is needful now. To be the ‘now’ person, you need to ask yourself what is urgent and important to be done.

If sleeping is urgent and important now, go to bed now!

If reading is urgent and important, start reading now!

If getting a new job is urgent and important, start the search and application now!

If writing a book is urgent and important, start the draft now!

In conclusion, the lack of motivation which is a major fuel for laziness is cured when you see a reason to be encouraged. Give yourself a reason to get up and go. This is nobody’s task but yours. If truly want to be out of the comfort zone, then give yourself the reason now. This is equally urgent and important. Do it now!

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