Business: A Call to Service

Business: A Call to Service

We’re all serving people, it is just in different capacities. The way clients talks to an entrepreneur at times is worse than how a boss humiliates his staff in an employment settings.

Everybody will not be a CEO. If you find joy working for that company, you will make it if you serve them with all your heart. You just need to be sure you’re doing what you have always wanted and be sincere with yourself if the company is worth your credibility. If not, have a transition strategy and move on.

It will be stupid for you to resign because you feel you’re a servant. This will not be indifferent if you become a CEO because your clients may not take things easy with you when you fail to meet deadlines.

Just like employment, you’re in business to serve and you must serve well with all loyalty, trust, competencies, and quality service. A call to business is not a call to stand akimbo, it is a call to to a serious and dedicated service.

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