The Fuel of Failure

The Fuel of Failure

What is the fuel of failure?

This question demands an answer from you. Yes, you. Please, answer me. What is the fuel of failure? Or let’s make it more personal:

“What has fuelled your past failures?” Now you are thinking. Let’s bring more clarity to this question, maybe it will help you in answering the question objectively.

We have all experienced failure at one point or the other in life. In fact, we are a product of how we react and handle failure. This points to what fuels your failure.

So you failed in a particular business last year, and this is another year, you are already planning to start another business and you hope to make a success out of this one. But before then, let me tell you a bitter truth. If you have not outlined what fueled your failure in last year’s business, sorry, but you are in for another unfortunate experience in your new business this year.

This is the reason why we fail again and again. Our inability to thoughtfully assess the situation or experience that ended in failure, and ask ourselves:

“What made me fail in this?”

Please note that it is not a crime to fail. No. Absolutely Not. Failure gives you room for growth and greater success when next you try that thing out. But you can only be successful at another opportunity or quest if those things that led to your past failures are carefully outlined, avoided or worked upon, and more importantly, working with a positive attitude.

Are you afraid to start that business?
Are you afraid to make those mistakes you made in the past?
Are you afraid to fail again?

There is nothing to be afraid about. Just ask yourself with all honesty, and please give an objective response to the question:

“What fuelled my past failures?”

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