The Acres of Knowledge

The Acres of Knowledge

Participants, MY LETTER TO YOU and the Acres of Knowledge.

During the weekend, I saw how great people can be when their minds are not locked. The Renedia Writers Workshop opened on Friday, last week, and ended on Sunday, yesterday. The turnout was great and the participants demonstrated discipline in the things they believe.

Ndubuisi Precious Umebei (Mr Make it Happen) began by exploring How to Become a Better Writer. He explained A-Z basic tips and it was fantastic!

On the second day, Cynthia Okpala (The Global Woman), gave amazing principles on how to put finishing touch to your work. She laid amazing emphasis on how important it is to edit your work so that it will be error-free. She explained the necessary things to put in place before publishing!

On the last day, I came onboard and I explained how you can become a category-king and monetize your writing skills.

The participants impressed me! Their minds were open.

I specially want to appreciate the facilitators for taking out their time to bless the society and impact lives without imposing financial charges. I appreciate your sacrifices!

Good people, thank you for the feedback. Sincerely, your kind words touched my heart! So many words of gratitude from you!

This is my letter to you:

The workshop is over but your desire to know more continues. It should not stop! Go for the acres of knowledge, don’t be complacent. The mines of knowledge are unbounded. The mastery over a thing has no limit. Knowledge doesn’t stop! It doesn’t end in the four walls of a classroom. Knowledge doesn’t stop after a BSc or Ph.D. Without deepening your capacity, you will remain on stasis. Innovate on your ideas and dare to be the best.

Go and do more!

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