There is a hydra-headed cankerworm with demon fangs found among many people and it’s very common in our homes, offices, business places, schools, churches, mosques, and government parastatals.

It’s how a student tells his parents he has to pay a nonexistent fee and how housewives pad the family budget; it’s the fake cup used in selling garri in the market and the extortion of uncanny members money in the name of sowing seeds to God and most oblivious, it is the way snakes swallow millions in the national coffers!

It is called corruption or “corrumpto” as my GSS 141 textbook says it was derived.

The state of corruption in my country is one pathetic situation that has unfortunately become a way of life, a means of survival, a “where you dey work, nai you go chop” syndrome. It’s justifiable, a survival skill very well needed and most times applauded.

If you ask me the type of corruption, I would say systematic; all encompassing and found in every stratum of our institution of life from the government to the home.

For a while in my institution of learning, we are obligated to study a general course- Anti-corruption studies, GSS 141, without which a student cannot graduate if he/she doesn’t pass the course. It is most ironic that the same lecturers that teach and lecture this course with all saintly demeanor and “activist for change” speech; they are the same persons that request for bribes or “sorting” as it is called to pass students after exams. They call it “helping”.
” We are just helping you, you know, mere help,” and I grin in my seat as I swear never to attend that corrupt lecture again.

Notwithstanding, it is not an unredeemable case. There may not be a 100% solution, but my take is that we should stop celebrating corruption and see it as a way of life or means of survival.

Let’s shun it, condemn it and cease practicing it, even if it doesn’t entail snakes swallowing millions in our case. For if our conscience is still alive and we can point out right from wrong, then the solution to ridding corruption from our country has begun.

A literature text I read in junior secondary school has an evergreen quote, it goes thus- “The fruit of honesty is God’s blessing.”

You won’t get impoverished if you stay incorrupt, instead, you receive God’s blessings!

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