Marketing and Advertising

At Renedia, We understand how an individual and corporate bodies react to goods and services in a marketing communication, that is, the place of neuropsychology to marketing research, studying consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and effective responses to marketing stimuli and with the help of our media partners, getting your product to every customer is our duty. You can never get it wrong with Renedia.

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Consulting Services

With our wealth of experience as professionals in the business world, we help to guide your investments in all manners whether in terms of accounting, taxation, BUSINESS development and executions. We also understand the place of brand identity, process management and business development, we strategize based on your needs in any area considering the complexity of your business and with a proper look at the digital world to give you the best service so as to make your objective a reality–profit maximization. We are always ready for your service if you so desire to build a sustainable business. We don’t just say it, we guide you and make it happen. FROM START TO FINISH!

Training and Development

With the help of our seasoned and experienced professionals, we offer trainings on the below but not limited to:

Becoming a Seasoned Writer, Financial Intelligence, Business Development, Financial literacy, Finance for non-Finance Managers, Entrepreneurship and Personal Financial Management. We train you and your staff for efficiency and effectiveness.

Coaching and Mentoring

At RENEDIA, we believe in entrepreneurship without which there is no sustainable development. Our coaching and mentoring program titled “The CEO in you” ensures you come with what you have and we help you to make it big. At Renedia, we strive to BRING OUT THE BEST in every individual and organization that comes our way and ensure we help fill the vacuum that can hinder their growth. Are you an entrepreneur, a student, a writer, a business owner, a working class, a jobhunter, a dreamer and an action taker? Renedia is right here at your doorstep for growth and impact. To join the coaching and mentoring program, contact us

Tech Advisory

We offer tech advisory to enhance your business growth.

Public Speaking

It is always our delight to welcome your invite to come and speak in conferences, meetings and programs. We will also welcome invite from schools, churches and any organization to come and speak, impact is our concern at RENEDIA. We are always ready to offer information on growth innovation.

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